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Did You Buy at Summit Lodge?

Construction came to a halt in 2009 and the developer, Seattle Ski, was declared insolvent by the Sofia court in 2011. A number of the buyers who paid a deposit for an apartment have been working together and have now acquired the development. The aim is to complete it in 3 phases.

If you contracted to purchase an apartment and paid a deposit you now have the opportunity to join these buyers and share in the ownership of the development. You will receive a share of the proceeds as apartments are completed and sold and you will also have the option, but not an obligation, to complete your original purchase. In many cases, the cost to complete will be less than the balance that would have been due to the developer.

To find out more, please complete the form below. September 2016

Opportunities to participate are available but are limited. If you want to get something back from your investment in Summit Lodge or even complete your original purchase, please contact us soon.


Incise Capital Partners (ICP) helps buyers to work together to rescue failed projects.