ICP is a not-for-profit company

The company simply serves as a vehicle through which groups of investors with a common interest can work together. 


Management Syndicates are for investors in existing developments. ICP's role is to identify and engage with the participants in a project so that they can operate as one group, transforming their influence over a project, introducing the necessary expertise and minimising individual exposure to costs.

In today's economic climate, such syndicates are typically formed to rescue a failed or failing project, but they may also exist to protect investors' interests in the ongoing management of a completed development.  ICP can introduce new capital where appropriate and can help construct initiatives to transform a troubled project into a viable investment.   


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Investment Syndicates are formed to take advantage of new investment opportunities. They arise as a result of proposals from members, frequently to support the activities of a Management Syndicate (buyers in a development that has run into problems).

The most common basis for an Investment Syndicate is where, after a lengthy legal process, Management Syndicate members are in a position to acquire a complete development project and then carry out whatever activities are required to establish it as a fully-functioning, well-managed site.  In many cases, this will involve the completion of construction works although in some instances the problem which needs correcting may simply be related to management and maintenance of the site.

Buyers in existing projects seldom have the funds to complete such activities.  However, most developments include a significant number of vacant properties, the eventual sale of which can produce high returns for new investors. 

Investment proposals are presented and promoted by members, not by the company, but we do ensure they conform to rules of transparency and fairness.

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In the medium to long term, real estate almost always proves to be a sound investment.  Problems usually arise where there is an off -plan purchase and the developer does not have the resources to cope with short term pressures.

There is little the individual investor can do about this – with no liquid funds and an unstarted or incomplete development, the future of developer and investor alike is bleak.

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